- Real Yoga for Real People -

My name is Shona Frisken and I'm a Hatha yoga teacher. I started practising yoga forty years ago, and was so impressed at how much better it made me feel, mentally and physically, that I decided to train as a teacher. Whilst living south of the border, I gained a teaching diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga. After teaching in County Durham for four years, I taught in Edinburgh for ten years before moving to Caithness in 2007.

Yoga can be practised by anyone of either sex at any age. Levels of flexibility and stamina are irrelevant in the beginning. Both will improve with regular practice. Yoga can be fun, and we enjoy a laugh in class. In fact, laughter is good for us. It exercises the diaphragm and sends feel good endorphins round our bodies.

Why not try yoga? Your body will be stronger and healthier, your mind will be sharper and calmer. You will find you have more energy and a higher resistance to infection.

It is safer to start on your yoga path with a qualified teacher, as learning from a book or DVD means you have no-one there to show you when you are going wrong. It's also more fun to learn as part of a class.