- Real Yoga for Real People -


Each class is divided into approximately five parts.

We always start by settling down the body and mind, and forgetting the rest of the world and all its troubles for a while.

Next comes a gentle limber to waken up our muscles and prepare them for theÖ

Posture work. This is what most people think of as the physical part of the lesson. It stretches muscles which you didnít know you had, but it does so gently.

Next we do some breathing exercises, which help calm the mind as well as improve the efficiency of the lungs. It helps get extra oxygen into the blood stream making us healthier and more energetic.

Finally, the relaxation. This is the most popular part of the lesson. The form it takes varies. Sometimes a guided meditation, sometimes an inspiring poem, sometimes just listening to music. Different things relax different people, and you are sure to find what works best for you.



1.30pm to 3pm.

There is no class on October 23rd.